OMG! My cow's on fire!
Vital statistics
Title Farmer
Gender Lamps have no gender, idiot!
Character King Dedede
Status Mr. Brainless

Lamp is one of of Albert Einstein's decedents and is made of plastic. His brain speaks Italian and is programed by a gay, flying hippopotamus.

Early LifeEdit

Lamp was born inside your cell phone on February, the 55th, 1234543212345 BC. Since then, he has been training for the 2010 Olympics. Lamp will count to 5. He has a mutated brother named BBsman22 who always throws Lamp out the wooden window. Then, Lamp moved to Hawaii where he had to worship Michael Jackson for 12345 years until he was forced to worship Pimpachu.


Lamp met Super64 in the winter of 12345 AD. They were fighting over rotten apple cores and had to squeeze the Kirby Cousins. Soon, Super64 and Lamp became friends and murdered Greg, and became king (?) of a country named Southwestern Armasterstanustan

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