Vital statistics
Title Monkey
Gender M413
Character n0n3
Status 18th century boxmaker

Shippiddge is a failed attempt of a YouTube user who won undeserved fame due to Shitasm, a crap machinima series.

It is actually unkown is Shipp is alive or not. Our best bet would be he is dead.

As with every single star who reaches fame, Shipp made a porn video (link).


Shipp claims to have made the extremely shitty piece of crap called Shitasm. It's about a bunch of hacked characters acting like retards for painful 5 minutes. If you are a fanboy of Shipp, you should get raped in the ass and killed with a chainsaw until your body turns into shit. Which is already.

Relations with others n00bs Edit


Once got locked in Shipp room. When they asked him what he tought about him, he asked:"Shipp has a little cock".


Shippiddge loves zebras because they have long dicks, that he cuts for making Zetta toys.


Same as Megablasta, except he is a gay faggot nigger.


He ate Shipp.

Shipp is racist

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